About the Regional Programme for Asia & the Pacific

The Regional Department for Asia and the Pacific is the World Tourism Organization's operational arm assigned with the implementation of UNWTO's general programme of work within the region. The Regional Department for Asia and the Pacific also serves as UNWTO's direct channel through which the national, regional and local tourism development needs and concerns of the Member States are communicated to the Secretariat.


  • Provide Member States with the necessary support and assistance for the development, management and promotion of their tourism industries to ensure that Asia and the Pacific region maintains its lead role in international tourism growth.
  • Increase full and affiliate membership of countries and the private sector through the strengthening of UNWTO's presence in the region.
  • Foster partnerships between government agencies, private sector members and educational institutions through the organization of conferences, workshops and seminars on contemporary tourism issues.
  • Make available tailor-made contingency plans, crisis management plans and establish early tourism-oriented warning systems network, which Member States could tap into when needed.
  • Continuously provide information regarding UNWTO's presence and activities in the region as well as news items directly or indirectly related to Members.
  • Promote UNWTO's ST-EP (Sustainable Tourism – Eliminating Poverty) initiative along with the achievement of the UN Millennium Development Goals for the benefit of, especially, developing countries within Asia and the Pacific region.
  • Establish a UNWTO Asia network composed of academics, industry representatives and government officials for the production of periodical Asia-Pacific market trend reports, a UNWTO certification programme for destinations in the region and UNWTO Asia Pacific newsletters.